About Me

Hi, I’m Charissa! First I want to say thanks for checking out No-Cook Paleo!

I am the creator of the popular hashtag #nocookpaleo and I currently work as the Chief Operating Officer over at The Paleo Mom.

I live in the great city of Seattle Wa. (Go Hawks!), with my dog Pinto. A little about my educational background, I hold an AOS in Holistic Healthcare and I am a graduate of The National Personal Training Institute. I have over 6 years experience as a movement, nutrition and mindset coach and have been working in the paleo community since 2012.

I am super passionate about helping others in any way I can. So reach out anytime! I am always here to support you. Find out how you can work with me!  Marketing or any other Inquires email: nocookpaleo@gmail.com

Image by: Amber Vickery Photography

Why No-Cook?

I was never stellar at cooking, I have always shopped on a budget, and was able to get creative inside those limitations. The whole no-cook ‘philosophy’ was just the way I lived my life before it became a popular hashtag on Instagram (there are over 1,600 pics on the hashtag to date!). Finding a way to eat healthy with little to no prep, no cooking and on a tight budget was how I was able to move a ‘diet’ into a lifestyle that could work for me long term. I wanted to show my friends and followers that eating healthy, whole foods could be just as easy as picking up a pre-packaged meal from the corner store or drive through. Follow me on Instagram @nocookpaleo

Paleo Food Pyramid

Why Paleo?

After trying Paleo for 30 days I was hooked and for a few reasons. First and foremost for me was the community aspect- I became a part of something bigger than myself. Second, I was able to overcome my own struggles with depression, anxiety/panic attacks, insomnia, food fears, and chronic heartburn (acid reflux) by simply eating, real, whole foods. Yes, I saw these major improvements after just 30 days, that I was so motivated to make this way of eating into a way of life. No-Cook Paleo evolved into my lifestyle and now it can become yours too!  Image credit: The Paleo Mom